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We help you match

with the talent you need

The 3 steps of our Global Recruiting


Kick Off

We make a first meeting

with you to:
Analyze your current recruiting process.
Know your current talent acquisition strategy.
Analyze your branding in the channels you currently use.
Know with which profiles you need to match.
Know how you are organized internally.


VISION report

We make a VISION report with the following points:
Key aspects of improvement.
Trends that affect your recruitment.
Recruiting strategy adapted to your needs.
Definition of communication formats to disseminate attractive job offers.
Definition of the employment site of your company.
We establish the costs of each action and the implementation of your recruiting strategy.
Specific training plan for those areas of the company that need improvements.



We generate the new talent recruitment strategy.
We create the communication formats that we will have previously agreed with you based on the VISION report.
We determine how we execute the new acquisition strategy:
...with Talentional supporting your internal teams
...with your in-house solo teams
...or Talentional taking care of the entire recruiting process.

Spot recruiting

Support in a recruiting process already started

Conversación amistosa


Start up

We make a first meeting

with you to:
Detect aspects of improvement in your current selection process.
Know your current recruiting strategy.
We analyze your branding in the channels you currently use.
Know what talent profiles you are looking for.
Know how you are organized internally.



We design a proposal that includes:
Improvements to be carried out in published job offers to make them more attractive to candidates.
Design of specific communication formats for attracting talent.
Direct selection strategy design and candidate evaluation.



It is determined if the direct selection process will be carried out by the company or if it is outsourced to Talentional.
Onboarding accompaniment by Talentional. It consists of 3 fortnightly meetings once the contract is made, with the aim of collecting information on the adaptation of the new talent to the job position.
Onboarding process report: improvement conclusions for both the candidate and the company.

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