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Tutorial videos.

Audiovisual content that provides instructions, demonstrations or guides on how to perform certain tasks or use a certain product or service. These videos are usually designed to be educational and to facilitate understanding of a specific concept, procedure or functionality. Video tutorials are a versatile and valuable tool for both companies and their audiences. They help to improve communication, understanding of the product or service and customer satisfaction, while they can contribute to the growth of companies by improving their online presence and sales engineering.


Cómo se juega al DOS de Mattel

Explaining Mattel's DOS game dynamics. This product is a spin-off of the UNO game, owned by the American company.


Así funciona HelpIn de Banco Sabadell

Video tutorial to explain Banco Sabadell's new HelpIn online service. This piece is part of the audiovisual strategy produced for this financial institution, according to the guidelines of its marketing managers.


How it works Cheer App Life

Sample of the audiovisual strategy produced for the Cheer App Life social media platform. With this social app you can easily create congratulations and encouragement videos for someone special with the participation of friends and family.


Smoothie with Princess

Tutorial video that is part of the audiovisual content marketing strategy produced for Princess. The aim is to show easy and healthy recipes that can be made with the blenders of this Dutch company. This audiovisual strategy consists of different short videos in "tasty" format in order to inspire the brand's potential audience on social media.

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