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Commercial videos.

Audiovisual content that offers a visual, dynamic and attractive way of communicating messages to the target audience. With these formats, businesses can effectively connect with their audience and increase their brand visibility. From Ganxoo Media we propose to turn the marketing and communication messages of companies into attractive and relevant content, adapted to the appropriate distribution channels.


Würth Modyf releases its new season products

Sample of the commercial catalog of the German multinational company Würth Modyf transformed into video format to show potential buyers.


El kit de empoderamiento femenino de Alqvimia

Sample of the audiovisual content strategy we produced for Alqvimia, according to the company’s strict guidelines and brief.



Sample of the audiovisual sales strategy we produced for the launch of the GULLFOSS software, according to the company brief and guidelines.


Cheer App Life is now available

Sample of the audiovisual strategy produced for the Cheer App Life social media platform. With this social app you can easily create congratulations and encouragement videos for someone special with the participation of friends and family.

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