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The Würth Group is a worldwide wholesaler founded in 1945 in Künzelsau (Germany). Since then, the company has become the world’s leading retail group. Its more than 3 million customers include companies from the construction industry, wood and metal crafting, automotive companies, and, increasingly, industrial customers.

Today the Würth Group operates worldwide and employs over 71.000 people, making it one of the largest non-listed companies in Germany. The German newspaper Die Welt listed it as 91 on its list of top 500 companies.

Unlike other trading companies, Würth spends much on research and development. It set a record in 2007 with more than 60 patents.

Ganxoo Media has been the audiovisual provider of Würth Modyf since 2019, following the long-term agreement we reached with this German multinational. At the top you can watch a sample of the audiovisual strategy we are producing for Würth Modyf, comprising several media formats: presentation of new products, audiovisual sales strategies, videos for media center, brand movies, product photography, testimonial reports, etc.

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