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Fun*das Bcn

Fun*das Bcn is the first brand that introduces textile fashion into childcare. The company possess a powerful online store and send their products all over the world. Moreover, they’re present in the best child stores in Catalonia, Spain, France, Italy, Switzerland, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and continues to consolidate in the European market.

Fun*das Bcn was born in Barcelona in 2012 aiming to bring a new product in the children sector: exclusive covers for almost all existing buggies and car seats with a 100% trendy design.

The video you can watch at the top is a Brand Movie, an example of Fun * das Bcn audiovisual strategy with the aim of establishing continuous communication with the brand’s audience through its connection with its users.

Fun*das Bcn audiovisual strategy encompasses brand movies to spread the story and culture of the company, audiovisual capsules on the people behind the brand’s products, and messages sent by the firm’s managers directly to some of his clients.

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