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Alqvimia is a Catalan company founded in 1980 with the premise of creating 100% natural cosmetics out of the utmost respect for nature and beauty. The company contributes to the movement of a new world paradigm with an emphasis on fairer business practices, both socially and ecologically. Its brand values are about transforming customers into conscious consumers and global trade into opportunities for local suppliers.

Alqvimia does not generate toxic waste during its manufacturing processes nor conduct animal testing. The company believe in the power of flowers’ souls to help rebalance ourselves cosmetically, emotionally and spiritually.

At the top you can watch the brand movie we produced as part of an audiovisual strategy carried out in several phases. The first one aims to introduce the brand to new international markets, such as the U.S. The second phase aims to strengthen the links that the brand has with its audience and the third phase of the strategy aims to present the brand’s new products.

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