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consulting plans

All plans include:

Previous analysis

Goals definition

Design of training plans

Definition of audiovisual communication plans

Action plan proposal

Meetings with company managers

Meeting at office

Talentional Plan 3 months

3,600€ +VAT 

Total cost

What is it about

One-off consultancy

of 3 months long.

addressed to

Companies that have already developed several strategies, but need to communicate them properly.

Talentional Plan 6 months

7,200€ +VAT 

Total cost

What is it about

Medium-term consultancy,

6 months long.

addressed to

Companies that already have an established dynamic, but want to recycle, incorporate some changes, introduce more creativity and/or communicate in a different and innovative way.

Talentional Plan 12 months

14,400€ +VAT 

Total cost

What is it about

This is the most complete plan, lasting 12 months.

addressed to

Companies that need to launch their own HR team and already created HR teams that need a reformulation of both objectives and corporate mission, vision and values.

Action Pills

These are specific communication actions. Its cost will depend on the scale of each action, the resources we need to carry it out or the strategic communication goals we have in each case. Here we take care of the creation of a specific format for the dissemination of a campaign, the creation of a course, a workshop, a dynamic or training experience, the creation of a company event , etc.

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