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Strategic HR consulting with integrated audiovisual production

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We help create innovative strategies to implement, transform and manage HR goals. Talentional is the formula for connecting with talent teams in an effective, original and visually appealing way.

Our team is made up of communicators and psychologists specializing in human resources. We are an HR consultancy with an associated audiovisual production company. This means that we go beyond simple advice. We also translate all human resources action plans into effective audiovisual communication content to transmit each strategy.


Inspire and transform HR departments through strategies, experiences, training and innovative audiovisual formats.



To be the HR Business Partner of our clients to be able to create happier companies, socially and environmentally committed and aligned with their goals and business culture.



Innovation, creativity, experience, socio-environmental commitment, optimism, efficiency and empathy so that work environments are more creative, healthy and productive.


"Talent" + "Emotional" = Talentional

Emotions affect thinking, decision making, conflict resolution and also interpersonal relationships.

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Our consulting services consider the well-being and the environment of all the team members

We put it into practice with audiovisual formats, experiences and training that focus on creativity and telling stories that excite.

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