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Advice, strategy, training and dissemination formats

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Inspiring Leaders

Conscious Leadership Consulting

Definition or redefinition of business purpose
Rethinking mission, vision and corporate values Change management
Creative skills
High performance training program
Impact, influence and communication skills
Trends and innovations in business


Consulting for internal and HR teams

Definition of business culture strategy
SDGs and business actions
Definition of objectives
Communication strategy
Training and experience strategy
Content strategy
Definition of audiovisual formats to communicate strategies
Creation of HR plans, policies and processes

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Talent action

Employer branding consultancy

Brand image analysis and diagnosis
Definition of objectives and KPI's
Best Place to Work strategy
Strategic action plan
Onboarding plans, accompaniment, welcome pack

Definition of audiovisual communication formats
Career plans and professional promotion
Brand ambassador plans
Training and experience strategy

Green program

CSR consultancy, commitment and sustainability

Definition of sustainability and CSR values
Definition of objectives
Strategic action plan
CSR policies
Equality, welfare and diversity plans
Protocols for sexual harassment and reason for sex 
Training and experiences for the team

Senderismo en el bosque
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Learn Lab

Training consultancy

Analyze current skills and needs of the company
Design and optimize the training plan
Define workshops and experiences
Create training, coaching or mentoring policies
Career plans and professional promotion

Action Pills

Audiovisual communication formats
for specific actions

Creation of formats for the dissemination

of internal campaigns
Creation of formats to communicate an action
Courses, workshops or specific experience
Creative events

Pareja en VR Arcade

Training and experiential trips

Inspirational trips to learn about other ways of doing things

The purpose of these trips is to learn how it works in other companies, in other countries or in other sectors. They are aimed at management teams, HR teams or work teams. At Talentional we organize everything so that the experience is as productive as possible.

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Trips designed ad hoc and aimed at a company team, either leaders or talent. The aim is to learn about other companies' ways of doing things in order to get inspired, implement a new area, theme or unblock a certain situation. From Talentional we take care of all the organization of the trip, according to the needs of each case, at the national and/or international level.


In this case, it will be a Talentional team that will carry out this immersive and research trip. Here we will collect all the information about the subject, area, innovation or request that the company wants to study. We will do field work and draw up a report with all the trends detected and contacts established. During this trip we will also collect audiovisual material in order to transmit the concepts in the most realistic way possible.

De viaje

The 3 steps of the Talentional methodology

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Strategic plan

We start with a strategic consultancy, which involves the analysis and identification of problems. Once defined, we create the strategies to solve them, which will be detailed in the document we will call "strategic plan".


Action plan

The second step is to shape the strategic plan. Here we design experiences to convey the objectives established in the previously prepared document, as well as training plans with specific content for each case.


Creative performance

We plan audiovisual formats to communicate actions, present concepts or explain important changes. Our creative performance ranges from traditional audiovisual communication to the creation of experiences with innovative technologies.

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