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About us.

Ganxoo Media is an audiovisual strategy producer.

We were born in 2008 in Barcelona. The founding team was a group of professionals who came from the field of television and business management: from Gestmusic Endemol, from TV3, from Mediapro, from Lavinia Audiovisual, from TVE, etc.

Since then we have focused on connecting with the public through emotions.

Ganxoo Media currently has different lines of business: TV, documentaries, own media, content hubs and the area of support for companies and brands, which is what I am presenting to you with this video.

We call this B2B and B2C audiovisual communication strategy "The Emotion Lab".

Our work methodology is proactive. This is how we work with most of our clients.

But we also work as a conventional agency when necessary. This means that we produce the needs of the brands at the level of promotion, both for the digital environment and for the field of traditional TV.

In all cases we focus on the conceptualization of the audiovisual strategy, as well as on production, post-production and its implementation. And if the needs require it, we can also take charge of the execution and dissemination of the strategy or advice to internal teams.

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