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The White Paper. Roadmap creation.


“The White Paper” is a methodology with a set price that lasts two months. We will give you a route map with a series of strategies and tactics for you to implement internally. Here’s how this methodology works:

First of all, we have a meeting to get to know each other and so you can tell me about your current situation and what you want to achieve. This first meeting is normally a video-call.

Based on this, we’ll do an exhaustive audit of your existing audiovisual elements: image, branding, communication, sales, marketing, digital, audiovisual, etc.

We will give you a route map including an audiovisual guide to follow in order to redirect your image and message, both internally and externally.

Ask us for a proposal

Tell us your goals and we will recommend the appropriate audiovisual strategy.

Fill in the contact form, a person from our team will answer you shortly.

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