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Branded content.

Marketing and communication strategy that involves the creation and distribution of relevant and attractive audiovisual content with the aim of promoting a brand. Unlike traditional advertising, branded content seeks to tell stories, entertain or educate the public, generating an emotional connection with the audience. Instead of focusing on the direct sale of products or services, this strategy focuses on building a deeper and lasting relationship with the target audience.


Innovation Lab

Series produced for Bacardí about the process of making cocktails by chef Albert Adrià. This series consists of several episodes, broadcast on brand-sponsored OTT platforms.


Coping with absence

Series of reports on life stories and overcoming mourning for the loss of a loved one. We produced this series for the funeral industry company NextLives and premiered on the AlifeTV platform.



Series of interviews about the leading companies in the funeral sector at an international level. This series we produced for the company NextLives and premiered on the AlifeTV platform.


El equipo

Television docu reality series broadcast in 2014 in Chile. It shows the reintegration of Chilean prisoners through the practice and values of football. A media coach from the Latin American country, Marcelo Montiel, and professional footballers from the Chilean league accompany the prisoners on their way to reintegration into society. This branded content aims to communicate the work done by the Chilean Ministry of the Interior in penitentiary matters, as well as the involvement of several multinational companies in the project.

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